Blood Alcohol


Cheers! Blood Alcohol Calculator  v.2.0

Enter your body weight, gender, number of drinks, and hours drinking and it calculates your blood alcohol level. The Cheers program is in the shape of a beer mug so it looks like a cute toy. It's fun and easy to use. But don't let looks fool you.

Blood Alcohol Calculator  v.

With this application you'll know the level of alcohol in your blood, depending on your age,


Blood Alcohol Level  v.

Have you drink alcohol and wonder about driving a car? Was yesterday in a party and cannot decide whenever you are sober or not? Or maybe You are planing to go out to bar and need to be sober tomorrow? Well just try this application and quickly

Alcohol in blood  v.

'Alcohol in blood' allows you to estimate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), specifying your info and the list of drinks you drank. 'Alcohol in blood' also informs you if it's legally to drive with your BAC in the country you are. It contains

BAC Calculator  v.

This application uses your weight and gender to roughly determine where your blood alcohol level is at any given time. Just press the add button when you take your first drink, and remember to keep pressing the button for any subsequent drink.

Liquor Level  v.

The first WP7 app that will track your blood alcohol content in real time and display it on a live tile on your phones

Drinking Buddy  v.

Full featured trial!!! FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. Drinking Buddy tracks your alcohol intake and estimates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). When you set a target BAC (eg. 0.05) Drinking Buddy will let you know when you’re close to it or over it

Alc Calc pro (BAC Calculator)  v.

AzureZeta's Alc Calc pro - more than a simple blood alcohol calculator: +Real time calculation of your blood alcohol level +Watch your blood alcohol level live +Top drinks: quickly find your personal favorite drinks +HD pictures of your drinks

Alcometer  v.

Alcometer lets you determine your blood alcohol level easily! The alcohol content, the glass size and the time of the taking of all drinks are completely customizable. With the LiveTile you can always keep an eye on your blood alcohol maximum! You

J2me phoneAlcolTest  v.1.1

Phone Alcol Test is an application which measures the rate of alcohol, it allows to estimate the blood alcohol content theory using the phone or smartphone.

Barmate  v.

Barmate is destined to be your favourite drinking companion: he can advise you what to drink, and he'll tell you when you've had enough. Barmate provides both a customizable cocktail recipe book and a way for you to track your estimated blood

Cappy  v.3 7

You can capture the entire screen, just the contents of one window, or any one of 10 custom shapes: rectangle, ellipse, circle, square, rounded rectangle, racetrack, triangle, diamond, hexagon, octagon.

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